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Cabaret Sauvignon

Bordeaux is famous for Cabernet-based blends—powerful wines with ripe, dark fruit flavors—while California's and Chile’s Cabernets have become stars in their own right. These wines make good candidates for aging, since their flavors soften and develop over time.

In a region that is too cool, Cabernet can take on vegetal characteristics. When grown in a place that is warm enough, the wine can have extraordinary flavors that are very rich and vibrant. Young versions showcase dark, red berry fruits like blackberries, black cherries and black currants, while aging in oak barrels adds spicy nuances to the wine, such as pepper and ginger. The complex flavor combined with its tannins allows this wine to pair well with blue cheese, grilled steaks, pepper steak, rack of lamb or roast beef. Serve at room temperature (59–64 degrees).

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